Frizz, flattened lengths and locks that stick to the back of your neck, in summer, your hair makes life difficult. There is only one solution to survive this rise in mercury in style: bet on hairstyles that let your face breathe.

The headband on loose hair: a trendy hairstyle

Headband, turban, scarf, or even bandana style, the headband has established itself as an essential hair accessory, especially when the temperatures are soaring because it allows, in particular, to keep the hair back while letting the mane flying in the wind. A hairstyle is as practical as it is trendy that we never tire of.

The chignon bun: an ultra-simple hairstyle to achieve

At 30 ° C, your long hair may feel like you are wearing a woolen scarf around your neck. An unpleasant feeling that you can get rid of with the bun. Fast, easy, and modern, that high bun only has advantages, especially since it can be personalized according to your desires. Ruffled, strict, twisted… With him, there is something for all tastes and all occasions.

Slick hair: a glamorous beauty treatment

Straight from the catwalks and red carpets, the slick hair is the ideal hairstyle for those who want to put on their 31 in the middle of summer. And for a good reason, the hair is flattened back and coated with gel at the roots for a “wet” mermaid effect. As a result, the face is clear, and the make-up is highlighted. Something to shine without suffering from the heat.

3 hairstyle ideas to wear with a halter top

A sleek updo, a cascade of curls, or a modern braid: check out three hairstyles that highlight your back neckline.

A fuzzy bun

To highlight your cleavage in the back, opt for a fuzzy bun that leaves your skin bare while dressing your neck with a few strands. The low side version captures the attention without monopolizing it and invites the gaze to continue towards the indentation.

To achieve it, start by drawing a side parting to separate your hair in two. Then twist each section of hair to bring it to the side opposite to the movement given to the hairstyle. All you have to do is bring together all the lengths by winding them on themselves to form the bun. Do not over-tighten and secure the styling with pins before pulling out a few strands for a sultry look.

A cascade of loops

The halter top also invites you to dress it up with the hairstyle. Take the opportunity to deploy hair with wide, relaxed curls that descend to the back neckline.

To draw pretty waves on your lengths, protect your hair with a thermo-protective treatment and use a curling iron. Then run your fingers through your hair to relax your curls and get a less finished look. You are now wearing beautiful wavy lengths!

A fish braid

You don’t want to pull up your hair but still want to show off your back as much as possible? Tie them intelligently thanks to a fine and elegant braid, like the fish braid. The perfect compromise for your lengths.

To sport this modern hairstyle:

  1. Bring all of your hair back to the nape of the neck and separate your lengths into two strands.
  2. Select a thin strand in the right section and bring it to the inside of the left strand.
  3. Repeat this gesture, alternating, to bring a small wick from left to right, tightening well.
  4. Simply continue the braid like this to the ends.

Thanks to the braiding along your spine, your back is the center of attention without hiding the neckline!