Who Can Use BlueSnap?

BlueSnap is a company that will help you sell your products or services online. They offer payment processing and fraud protection, so you can focus on what matters: selling and making money!

One of the biggest differences between BlueSnap and other processors is that you can use more than one gateway with them, so it gives you a lot of flexibility when choosing what works best for your business. Also, BlueSnap is a global company that will work with your business no matter where you’re located.


Another difference between BlueSnap and other gateways is how they treat fraud. With larger companies, like Moneris, there’s always the risk of false declines (when someone tries to buy something but their transaction gets declined). Even though this rarely happens, it does happen from time to time; however, at BlueSnap we’ll never put your account on hold due to an occasional failed attempt as long as those transactions do not represent more than 0.75% of all sales volume for any given month or quarter. There are also additional steps we take to prevent fraud before it becomes a problem such as adding devices and users manually instead of automatically when suspicious activity is detected.

Also, unlike some other processors, BlueSnap has no setup fees and there are never any monthly minimums. This means that you can pay only for the services you use with a low per-transaction fee instead of paying extra just to have your account available. We also don’t charge termination or early cancellation fees so if your business needs change, we’ll work with you to make sure it’s as painless as possible when switching providers.

Finally, BlueSnap offers a mobile app that will allow you to take sales anywhere! You’ll be able to process credit card payments directly from your phone or tablet using the BlueSnap Mobile App for Android and iOS devices. So whether it’s at an office party, craft fair or even via email – there are many ways you can make money with this payment gateway.