Fixing Parent-Child Relationship

Parents have always been the ones to connect with their kids, but now they are finding it a lot harder. There is no doubt that technology has played a major role in this. Kids are growing up quickly these days and the relationship between parents and children has changed drastically because of it. The Charlie Eissa will provide some useful advice on how to fix your connection with your child so you can spend time together like never before!

Charlie Eissa

If you feel that your child doesn’t want to spend time with you, there are a few things that may be happening. They could have grown up and just don’t need parental figures anymore. Maybe they’re too busy because of school or work commitments so can’t find the time for family activities. Or maybe their personal interests aren’t in line with yours and it makes them not want to hang out as much! But regardless of what is going on, kids will always love spending time with parents when they know how important it is to do so!

Try these tips below to get back into connection-building mode before it’s too late!

Don’t rely on texting or social media – make sure to talk in person or on the phone.

Keep things light and fun so that it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Find time for one-on-one activities with each child, such as trips to their favorite place or something they’re interested in doing together!

Set up family traditions – these are important not only because your kids will love them, but also because of how much you’ll enjoy revisiting memories with them later down the road. One great tradition is making an annual photo book which documents all those sweet moments from the year when you were too busy to take pictures every day.