What Exactly Do They Protect, And How?

Most people don’t know the first thing about what a close protection officer does. They are often confused with bodyguards, which they are not. Close protection officers provide services to clients that can range from personal security for a CEO on vacation, to escort missions in high-risk areas of the world. In this article, we will discuss how to hire one and make sure you get the right person for your needs.

Hiring a close protection security is something you should do but you need to be getting all the information first. To start with, figure out what your needs are for this person. What type of work will they be doing? How often will they need to protect someone or escort them somewhere? Keep in mind that high-risk areas of the world and even personal security missions can require different skillsets than those needed to avoid danger on an average day at home.

Close Protection Security

The next step is finding some officers to interview for the position. You’ll want people who have experience with both types of scenarios so make sure you ask about their past jobs before proceeding any further. Knowing how many clients each potential candidate has had in these settings, as well as what level of experience they have.

Another thing to consider is how much training the person has had in this field. Are they certified to carry a firearm? If so, are they trained and practiced enough that you feel confident leaving them with clients on their own while you run an errand or whatnot?

Lastly, be sure to ask for references from past employers who have used them as close protection officers before trusting your client’s safety to one of these people.

Some additional questions might include: do they need more experience working as a bodyguard before being given the type of responsibility needed for high-risk areas? Do they anticipate having any issues if there’s some sort of family emergency during work hours/while protecting someone else other than yourself?