The Definitive Guide

Trees are an important part of every neighborhood. They provide shade, they offer privacy from the neighbors and they give your property a sense of character that no other landscaping feature can match. However, just like any living thing, trees require care and attention to stay healthy and strong year-round. In this blog post I’ll be talking about different types of trees you might find in your neighborhood along with some tips on how you should prune them or trim them to get the best health for your tree! Tree Surgeons are the best ones when it comes to learning how to take care of your new trees.

Tree Surgeons

Different Types of Trees:

-Oak trees are best pruned in the winter when they’re dormant. If you trim them too late in the year, it can interfere with their ability to produce fruit. Their leaves also provide a lot of shade so be sure to avoid cutting into some branches that might be blocking sunlight for other plants below!

-Evergreen trees should only ever need minor upkeep like small cuts or shaping. Be careful not to damage the tree’s natural shape and always use sharp tools to get as clean a cut as possible. They should have major care every two – three years where you do more than just trimming but actually thin out some branches by removing lower limbs altogether if necessary.

The Importance Of Pruning is actually really simple y a little more important when it comes to fruit trees, like apple and pear. The biggest issue is that if you want one of these types in your garden, they need plenty of space because otherwise the tree just gets too big for its own good!

-The specific type of care needed depends on what kind of environment the plant will be growing in, so make sure to have an arborist give you some advice about which type would work best for your needs.