How to Find A Part Time Job – Where and When

Students, are you looking for a summer job to earn some extra cash during the summer? If so, this article is perfect for you! We have compiled a list of places that offer opportunities and tips on how to find them. Whether it’s at your school or in your neighborhood, we’ve got you covered. So grab your resume and let’s get started with this studentjob article that will be helpful!

Tip: Finding a job in the summer is easier if you plan ahead! You should start by looking at your school’s website for any postings. If that doesn’t work, try exploring your neighborhood on foot or using an app like Waze to see what businesses are near you.

Studentjob Article

Next Step: Spend some time browsing through our list of places and tips below so you can find the perfect place to apply today!

List of Places with Job Listings Nearby

Located right behind Piedmont Park, this café offers employees flexible schedules during both day and night shifts. For those who would prefer more hours, they offer employees set schedules as well. But don’t worry about not being able to make enough money, you will most likely get tips.

This grocery store offers employees the opportunity to work in a team environment, and if you’re looking for something with more responsibility, they also have positions as department managers or supervisors. Plus their list of benefits includes discounts at the store!

This restaurant is all about giving back to those who are passionate about food; that means free meals after six hours worked on top of paid time off and health insurance coverage. You will be able to grow your skill set by taking advantage of chef training opportunities too!

And finally this café values creativity over anything else because it’s how customers can enjoy their coffee while reading books from local authors or listening to music in an intimate setting. Since baristas usually know what drinks go well together, you will also learn something!